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Request a private wine tour!

If you are interested in a private wine tour, please contact us (with as much info as possible) or fill in the request form bellow. Please note that private wine tasting tours are available on weekdays, from Monday to Saturday. It is recommended to book well in advance in order to ensure our own availability and that of the wineries and other services.

Bear in mind that the more straight forward your request is, the quicker we can respond to it! Complex requests take time, but we’ll try to get back when we can. We normally answer in 48 hours. If you do not hear back from us, please check your spam mail box or contact us again with a different email address.

When we receive your request, we check availability and get back to you with further information and steps for reservation the tour.

Should we not be available on your selected date, we will give you our closest available dates.

Book a private wine tour

Additional information

Please contact us for further information on

See terms & conditions for more information.

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