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Slovenian 3 Pack Red Wine


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Slovenian Red Wine 3 Pack.

  • Teran
  • Cviček
  • Metliška Črnina


The gift pack of indigenous Slovenian wines combines 3 RED wines bottled in vol. 0.375 l. The pack includes wines: Teran, Cvicek and Metliska črnina.


the thick ruby red wine, is produced from Refosco grapes which are cultivated on Karst soil, also known as »terrarossa« in South West Slovenia. Teran has always been appreciated for its medicinal features due to its numerous mineral substances, mostly bivalent iron and lactic acids. It is believed that the moderate and regular consumption of Teran maintains the flexibility of blood vessels and inhibits the progression of atherosclerosis as well as the aging process itself with its very high level of antioxidants.

Teran has an intense and lasting flavour with a characteristic taste which is full, strong, robust and yet pleasantly matched. Its aroma is delicate and recognisable with a unique fruity bouquet reminiscent of red forest fruits.


is considered the crown jewel of the Lower Caniola wine region in Slovenia. It is a unique wine, composed of different grape varieties. The red wine Koelner Blauer and Blaufränkisch play a prominent role and are finely blended with up to 35% of different white grape varieties to give it its distinctive taste. It is recognised by the characteristic light red colour with a ruby hue and its pleasant berry-like. With its relatively low alcoholic content and pleasant acidity, it is known as a light and drinkable wine, suitable for any occasion. It is a wine appropriate for a contemporary lifestyle.

Metliška črnina

is the most recognised brand of Bela Krajina. It is composed of a diverse variety of grapes and consists mainly of Blaufränkisch and Koelner Blauer, with a small proportion of other red varieties that grow in the area. It is purple in colour and has a rich flavour with a pleasant scent of ripe red fruits. The palate is sweet with a slight tartness. It is a wine for everyday occasions.


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