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Would you like to have an unforgettable experience?

If you have a passion for fine wine and cuisine, our wine tasting tours will make you fall in love with the authentic Slovenian countryside. Join our Slovenian wine tours and have an unforgettable experience. Our wine tours, besides tasting the best Slovenian wines of the Slovenian wineries, includes also superb culinary experiences with authentic food of the region and fabulous local specialties in our recommended off-the-beaten-track restaurants.

If you are a wine lover spending a week or more in Slovenia you can choose between several wine tours in different Slovenian wine regions.

Hiking, Wine and Dine Tour

During your Hiking, Wine and Dine 8 days tour you will visit Slovenia's award winning boutique wine cellars. You will…

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Wine Tasting Slovenia – 5 days of Premium Slovenian Wines

This wine tour is tailored for those who love wine and would like to know more about Slovenian terroir and…

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10 days Walk, Dine and Wine Tasting Tour

Walk, Wine and Dine is for those who have a passion for fine wine and cuisine and would like to…

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Design your tour

Why would you settle for a trip that is merlymerely what you are looking for, what you want to do,…

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