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Would you like to have an unforgettable experience?

If you have a passion for fine wine and cuisine, our wine tasting tours will make you fall in love with the authentic Slovenian countryside. Join our Slovenian wine tours and have an unforgettable experience. Our wine tours, besides tasting the best Slovenian wines of the Slovenian wineries, includes also superb culinary experiences with authentic food of the region and fabulous local specialties in our recommended off-the-beaten-track restaurants.

If you are a wine lover spending a week or more in Slovenia you can choose between several wine tours in different Slovenian wine regions.


3 excellent wineries of different sizes

Styria offers most aromatic and delicate Slovenian whites as well as world-class sweet, botrytis wines. Styria wine tour offers two remarkable wine makers and visit of the oldest documented town in Slovenia, Ptuj with its wine cellar built in 1239 which keeps the greatest (hi)story of all the Slovenian wineries.
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Premium Slovenian wines

The Vipava wine tour takes you to the region of various exceptional winemakers whose wines are familiar to wine enthusiasts all around the world. During the Vipava wine tour you will visit 2 excellent winemakers and enjoy lunch with wines on the enchantingly authentic atmosphere.
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Stanjel medieval hill top village in Slovenia

Premium indigenous Slovenian wine varietals

A full day Karst wine tour is a perfect getaway for wine lovers and wine enthusiasts. The Karst wine tour features 2 best family run boutique wine cellars internationally praised for their very high quality production. Tour includes a short visit to beautiful medieval village of Stanjel.
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Sparkling, premium and chocolate wine

Bizeljsko wine tour features 3 excellent wineries: a sparkling wine producer, a wine cellar with internationally notable wines and a winery producing chocolate wine. Enjoy this wine tour with a wide palete of wine and tastes.
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Taste Fine Slovenian Wine – Half Day Wine Tour

Vipava valley is the second-biggest wine-producing region in Slovenia. It is a narrow valley in western Slovenia located between the…

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Wine tour to Karst wine region, tasting wine from the barrel

Brandy and Orange Wine Tasting Tour

Karst was apparently devastated because of cutting down the oak tree for the construction of the standing piles of Venice.…

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Enjoy Slovenia Enjoy Wine

Book a Private Wine Tour

We organize private wine tours to all Slovenian wine regions and to the wine cellars by your choice. Please send request with suggested itinerary and as much information as possible. We will do our best to realize your desired wine tour.
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